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Laura XL ®

Fully Automated Urine Chemistry & Sediment Analyzer

Product Description: It is a hybrid & walkaway system for automated chemistry & sedimentation/ microscopic analysis of Urine sample

Product Features: 

  • Fast and accurate classification and quantitative determination of the  urine sediment
  • Clear and sharp images of the actual appearance of elements simulating visual microscopy
  • Automatic recognition of elements in sediment based on sophisticated artificial intelligence
  • Accurate evaluation of test strips by color matrix definition technology

Product Application:

This system is truly walk away analyzer aiding rapid and reliable urine analysis for labs and hospitals with high workload.  

  • Strip Analysis: Method - Reflective Photometry , Input Tray Capacity- 200 strips, Parameters- 10
  • Sediment Analysis: Method- Automated Brightfield Microscopy with Advanced Element recognition, Number of Images- 15 images/sample, Parameters- 16 categories
  • System throughput: Hybrid Mode (Chemistry & Sediment) - 100 samples/h, Sediment Only- 180 samples/h
  • Sample handling: Memory capacity- 500,000 results, Rack Size- 10 tubes, Sample load capacity - 120 samples, Sample Volume- Min 2ml
  • Control System: Display- 23'' Multi-touch screen, OS- Windows 8.1, Printer interface-USB, LIS Interface-Bi-directional
  • Certification: CE certified

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