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3 OCT 2010 Some of the clinical utility of Sysmex XT- 2000i Haematology analyzer includes :
Enumeration of reticulocyte maturation stages:
In addition to an accurate reticulocyte count, the XT-2000i enumerates the three maturation stages of reticulocytes for monitoring bone marrow activity. Reticulocyte analysis is used in the diagnostics and monitoring of anemias.

After the cytostatic therapy – reticulocyte increases will be detected much earlier.
The reticulocyte differentiation in three different fractions of differently high fluorescence activity and the index of the immature reticulocyte fraction (IRF) will enable statements on the erythropoietic activity of the bone marrow.

Fluorescent Platelet count:
The additional measurement of the fluorescent platelets (PLT-O), along with the routinely measured reticulocytes and their stages, helps medical professionals make proper decisions concerning PLT transfusions or continuation/ discontinuation of myeloablative therapy regimens, especially when PLT concentrations approach the lowest cut off.

Fluorescent Platelet count eliminates interferences from microcytic & fragmented Red blood cells.

Enumeration of Immature Granulocytes*:
Enumeration of IG is of diagnostic & prognostic importance in bacterial infections, trauma, neonatal sepsis, and acute rejection in organ transplantation.

It may also be recalled that the Sysmex XT 2000i was also used for doping tests at the Beijing Olympics in 2008.

It is a great honor for our product to be accepted for performing tests at such a prestigious sporting event.