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Erba Lisa Scan II

Erba Lisa Scan II

Microplate Reader

Erba Lisascan II and LisaWash are the latest product offering from the long range of systems from Transasia.

These systems will replace the present Microscan and SmartWash III respectively for Elisa , as an ongoing effort to provide the customer with the latest technology at an affordable price.

Erba Lisascan II is a state-of-art automated microplate reader which functions on the “Human Touch”, with easy to use software features for different applications. Eg. Infectious diseases,

Thyroid, Fertility, Growth Hormones, Cancer Markers, ToRCH panel, Autoimmune, Bone Metabolism Tests, Diabetes Markers, Allergy Markers, Cardiac Markers, Drugs of Abuse, Steroid Markers etc.

Erba Lisascan II is a 8 Channel Microplate reader which can read U, Flat and V Bottom microwells.

It has seven filter locations with 405, 450, 492 and 630 nm filters and 3 blanks.

It has open programmable 42 test protocols.
It has flexible plate mapping, by which blank, controls and standards, which can be placed in any location on the microplate.
Erba Lisascan II has plate mix facility with variable speed and time. This helps in uniform mixing and removal of microbubbles which can affect the readings.

It has aerosol cover to protect the plate from particulate matter.
It performs Qualitative and Quantitative assays, with data reduction capabilities. It plots curves in LIN-LIN, LIN-LOG,

It displays readings for 25 microplates from memory with interpretations

It displays plotted Curves with facility to use the same Calibration from the memory.

It has control & Calibrator validation process for each protocol.
The system has facility to connect to external dot matrix printer
It prints results in preformatted matrix with absorbance, results and interpretation along with sample , control and calibrator details. In case of qualitative tests the Cutoff equations with values are printed.

The system can send data to a Personal computer and is ably supported by the Elilims Software