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Easylyte Expand

Easylyte Expand

An advanced electrolyte analyzer offering more options for testing electrolytes

  • Measured parameters: Na+, K+, Cl-, Ca++ or Li+
  • Sample types: Whole blood, serum, plasma or diluted urine
  • Analysis time: 90 secs for urine and 55 secs for other samples
  • Calibration: Automatic one point calibration with every sample or on-demand and automatic two point calibration every four hours
  • Data storage capacity: 125 patient samples 
  • QC: 20 results each of Low, Normal and High
  • Interchangeable Li and Ca electrodes
  • Maintenance free disposable electrodes
  • Automatic probe wiping
  • The same solution pack can be used for all five parameters
  • Cost effective