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This is a simple, quick and compact solution for routine clinical laboratories, ambulances and para clinics.

Product Description

Laura Smart helps in automated timing, measurement and evaluation of urine test strips. 

Product Features

  • Two measuring modes (Standard: 60 samples/h & Smart Timing:240 samples/h)   
  • Portable mode using batteries  
  • Calculation of Microalbumin & Creatinin
  • Easy operation via touchscreen

Product Application

Automated reading of Urine test strips and avoid subjective errors in visual reading

Technical Specifications:

  • System:  Continuous loading Semi-automated Urine test strip analyzer
  • Type: Reflectance photometer
  • Measuring system: Wavelengths – 470, 525, 625 nm
  • Memory: 2000 results
  • Throughput: 600 tests /hr
  • User interface: LCD touchscreen (320x240 dot-matrix)
  • Printer: Built-in Thermal Printer
  • Certificates: CE
  • Physical Dimensions: 390 x  330 x 210 mm
  • Weight : 6 Kg
  • Test Strips: DekaPHAN Laura & MicoalbuPHAN Laura
  • Parameters: Specific Gravity, Leucocytes, Nitrite, pH, Protein, Glucose, Ketone, Urinobilogen, Bilirubin, Blood & Microalbumin, Creatinine
  • Optical QC: Grey QC strip
  • System Interface: Communication via RS232 & USB port
  • Host Protocol: Uni-directional
  • Sample Identification: Sample ID via keyboard entry, barcode reader
  • Power source: AC 100-240V/50-60 Hz
  • Power consumption: =45 W

Downloadable documents

Product Brochure