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Erba Lisa wash II

Erba Lisa wash

Automated microplate washer to compliment microplate reader

Product Features:

  • Fully automatic- Easy to operate system
  • 50 user programmable protocols to customize washing
  • Easily removable 8- or 12-way manifolds
  • Liquid level detection and alert function
  • Low residual volume: <3 µl
  • Soak time programmable up to 24 hrs.
  • Washes flat, U and V bottom strips and plates
  • High efficiency ELISA washing with choice of 2 wash buffer bottles
  • Choice of 2 wash buffer bottles, 1 distilled water & 1 waste container with sensor
  • Waste-bottle sensor to detect high-waste liquid levels
  • Standard aerosol protection cover
  • Easy maintenance
  • CE marked

Product Applications:

  • Infectious Diseases: HIV, HBsAg, HCV, Syphilis, Malaria,Leptospira, Chikungunya     
  • Hepatits A: Anti-total HAV, Anti-HAV IgM
  • Hepatitis B: Anti-HBs, Hbe Ag/anti-Hbe, Anti-HBc, Anti-HBc IgM
  • Hepatitis C: Anti-HCV
  • Hepatitis Delta: Anti-total HDV, Anti-HDV
  • Autoimmune: ANA, dsDNA, ssDNA, p-ANCA, Cardiolipin IgM/IgG
  • Thyroid Hormones: TSH (one step), FT3, FT4, T3, T4
  • Fertility: SHBG, LH, FSH, Prolactin, ß-HCG, ANA
  • Tumor Markers : AFP, CEA , PAP, CA-125, CA-15-3, CA-19-9, Total PSA, B2-Microglobulin, Free PSA, S100B
  • TORCH: Toxo.G/M, Rubella G/M, CMV G/M, HSV1+2 G/M
  • Other ELISA: Transferin, Ferritin, Beta-2 Microglobin, Vitamin D, Anti CCP, RF IgG/IgM, TB Gold (Interferon based), H.Pylori, C.Diff Tox A/Tox B, E.Histolytical, Giardia/ Cryptosporidum, RF IgM/IgG, JEV
Technical Specifications:

Wash Head: 8 and 12 head manifold compatible

Wash Mode: Row and Plate

Wash Row: 1-12 rows Flat Bottom

Plate Type: 96 or 48 well plate or strip (Flat, U & V - bottom)

No. of Plates: Up to 10 programs to preset different plate configurations

Wash Programs: 64

Moving Cycle: 1- 9 cycles

Dispensing Volume: 50 - 450µl in 5µl increments

Dispensing Precision: < 5% at 300µl

Prime Volume: 50 - 700µl

Aspiration Pressure: Programmable 2 Types

Soak Time: 1 - 255 sec

Residual Volume: = 2µl for V/ U bottom plates, and = 3µl for per well Flat bottom plates

Nos. of Bottles: 2 wash, 1 distilled water, 1 waste

User Interface: Touch Screen LCD, 128 × 64 pixels with backlight

Bottle Capacity: > 2 L

Operating Environment:

  • Power Supply: AC 220 V/ 110 V, 50/60 Hz
  • Input Power : < 80VA
  • Ambient Temperature: 10 C - 40 C
  • Storage Temperature: 10 C - 50 C
  • Relative Humidity: Up to 90% relative humidity without condensation
  • Weight: 9.5 Kg
  • Dimension: 710 mm x 530 mm x 380 mm